Wellsprings Services

Wellsprings provides a range of services to meet the needs of young women in the Residential and Outreach services.

The core of Wellsprings’ services are care and aftercare provision and homelessness prevention. These are delivered through provision of a residential care and aftercare service for young women between the ages of 16 and 23 years of age and through provision of an outreach service which provides on-going support for those who have moved on from the residential service to live in the community.  In addition to these valuable core services, Wellsprings provides a 24 hour crisis support service.

These four core services can be separated further into a range of services including: a safe home-like environment; independent accommodation; an Outreach centre; tenancy sustainment; a key holding service; an out-of-hours and on-call service etc.

Wellsprings also provides a range of supports to the young women who use these services including: teaching independent living skills and budgeting / money management skills; support with education and employment; support with family and relationships; assistance with finding accommodation; assessment and counselling services; provision of a key worker to support each client; support with difficulties; planning services including a person-centred planning approach and planning for leaving care; and support with accessing and interacting with other services in the community which can provide valuable supports to the young women (e.g. housing associations, addiction services, educational services, family support services, health services etc.).


Residential Service



The residential service is staffed by a professionally qualified and  experienced social care staff team. It is open 365 days a year. There are 2 staff members working at all times to care for the young women. Each young woman has her own bedroom and shares the rest of the living space with the other young women living in the centre.

Key working

Each young woman is allocated one member of staff to be her keyworker. The young woman’s personal goals are given a strong focus during her stay with us and she and her keyworker will spend time identifying these and putting plans in place towards them being achieved, appropriate supports are offered.


Each young woman has a placement plan which is worked on with her, her parents, her social worker/aftercare worker soon after she arrives to develop the plans/strategies for her to reach her goals of the placement. Each young woman is expected to have a willingness to engage in education/training during her stay with us. Intensive supports are put in place when necessary to assist the young woman in achieving these.

Outreach Service



The Outreach centre is staff by qualified and experienced staff and it is open from  Monday to Thursday, 10am until 5pm, individual work is offered outside the centre on Fridays.  Evening programmes are offerred as the need arises.

Key working and Planning

Each young woman’s goals and aspirations are identified through a  planning meeting , and their key worker works in partnership with them on achieving these.

Close links are kept with local agencies in relation to accommodation and education  needs.


Wellsprings Services