Residential Aftercare
Residential Aftercare

Supporting each young person’s needs sensitively and creatively

The Residential service is based in the heart of Cork City. We accept referrals from TUSLA south region, with national referrals also given consideration. We also accept referrals from other agencies working with young women in the community. Young women 18 years and over may refer themselves to the Residential service.

The Residential service can offer placements for six to eight young women at a time. Each young person is supported sensitively and creatively based on their individual wishes and needs by an adeptly trained and experienced staff team. Each young person is assigned an individual keyworker who supports them to identify and reach their desired short and long term goals. These goals are guided by individual placement plans and aftercare plans which are agreed as part of the young person’s transition to the service.

While residing in Wellsprings each young person is required and supported to attend and maintain education or employment. The young women have the opportunity to build resilience, confidence and life skills with a hopeful future in the community.

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