Wellsprings Mission Statement

Wellsprings will respond professionally to the needs of young women, who have experienced difficult times, through offering a safe home-like environment and will continue to offer support in their onward journey.



Core Values of Wellsprings’ Service Delivery for Young Women in their Care

1. Commitment

Understood as: Be consistent in attempting to respond to the needs of the young women
Recognised as: • Demonstrate a willingness to be available
• Maintain a focus on the needs of the young women
• Seek to achieve the personal care plans.

2. Justice

Understood as: Act in a fair and open manner at all times
Recognised as: • Make sure that clear open procedures are in place to allow the concerns of the young women to be heard
• Provide positive experiences to counteract negative past experiences
• Acknowledge that each young woman has individual needs
• Be accountable at all levels

3. Compassion

Understood as: Be sensitive to what the young women are going through and respond in a manner that is both genuine and humane
Recognised as: • Provide a place that promotes honesty and self-awareness
• Be non-judgemental in our approach
• Acknowledge that feelings experienced by others are neither right nor wrong

4. Respect

Understood as: Safeguard the dignity and well-being of each individual at all times
Recognised as: • Respect the young women, their past experiences and their privacy
• Value the uniqueness of each individual
• Make sure that every young woman feels included by promoting a community to which all contribute

5. Empowerment

Understood as: Enable the young women to develop their own potential and to take responsibility for their lives
Recognised as: • Support the young women in their education and training
• Encourage responsible independence
• Help the young women to actively take control over their own lives
• Work in partnership.