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26 Years of Residential Aftercare
and Outreach Service
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What we do in Wellsprings

Supporting young women
through adulthood

Wellsprings offers short to medium term residential placements for young women aged between 16-23 years, with the possibility of lifelong support through a dedicated outreach aftercare service.

We offer an inclusive,  bespoke service that recognises the diverse needs of each young person, many of whom present with complex needs and have experienced significant loss and trauma in their young lives. They may be disconnected from their families and communities and need a secure base.

We are honoured to be a part of each young person’s journey, to enhance their existing resilience helping them adapt to the daily challenges that life can send their way.

Wellsprings services

Quality bespoke care offered to our young people

Residential Aftercare

Short to medium term residential placements for young women aged between 16-23 years.

Outreach Aftercare

Lifelong support facilitated through a dedicated outreach aftercare service.

Community Tenancy

Two community based apartments with long term residents

Year Established

More than one life changed

Your experiences

A Parents Reflection
August 21, 2020

A parent’s reflection

It proved to be a turning point in her life when she was accepted as a resident at Wellsprings
Self Respect
May 10, 2018

A young woman’s journey

Wellsprings feels like home and ye changed my life. I am the mother I am today because of ye.
March 3, 2016

A mentor’s story

When I spoke about Wellsprings, I was doing so from a perspective of having been a resident myself.

We've accommodated over 237+ women since opening our service at Wellsprings in 1995, providing intensive tailored supports

59 young women are actively involved in our residential and outreach service. There have been thousands of interventions with young women, their families and foster-carers.

Partners and Funders

We work with the best and most trusted partners

Join with us in creating hopeful futures for young women